FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to register for Ireland Talent Search Submit your ‘video audition’ to https://irelandtalentsearch.ie/register. Contestants send us their links via our website application form or through our Facebook page, along with contestant name/group name, and age.

2. Where are video auditions uploaded?
All video auditions are uploaded to the Ireland Talent Search Facebook page, Twitter, and Youtube.

3. Are contestants notified when their video audition is uploaded?
Contestants will be notified via email or Facebook mail when their video is uploaded.

4. Is video popularity taken into account for video auditions?
It is important that contestants share their videos with friends and family as video popularity will be one aspect taken into account for the judging process, however, it is only one factor.

5. When is ‘Round One Live Auditions’?
27th October at the Glenroyal Hotel, Straffan Rd, Maynooth, Co. Kildare, W23 C2C9

6. When will contestants be contacted with a time slot for Round One Live Auditions?
Successful contestants will receive a time slot one week at the latest before the live auditions. Young children, and those living outside of Dublin will have early time preference for time slots. – It is very important that contestants arrive on time for their time slot.

7. Judging system for ‘Round One’
‘Round One’ is judged out of 30 points. Three judges will sit on the ‘Round One’ panel. Each judge will be allowed to give up to 10 points each (30 points in total). Additionally, contestants will have the opportunity to bring up to five supporters and each supporter will be worth 1 point to a contestant, so five supporters is 5 points – Contestants can bring as many extra supporters as they wish, but only five supporters are taken into account for the points system. Supporters are not mandatory.

9. Are there age categories?
Like the higher end talent shows, we do not have age categories, though like last year, we have runner up prizes which include: Audience Performance Award, Best Teen Award, and Best Under 12s Award. Age is not a factor for the overall winner.

10. Minimum age to enter?

11. How many minutes do contestants get in ‘Round One Live Auditions’?
Each contestant/s has ONE MINUTE to perform for ‘Round One’. Just enough to show the judges your talent.

12. What to wear at ‘Round One’?
There is no dress code in play, so dress as you wish.

13. What do contestants bring for ‘Round One’?
Themselves. Supporters (but not compulsory). If Contestants need an instrument, bring it. If contestants need a backing track, they will need to email their track to backingtracks2019@irelandtalentsearch.ie prior to the event and as a back up, bring it on a USB stick or hard-drive. – No CDs/DVDs accepted.

14. Sound checks for ‘Round One Live Auditions’?
Because of the high volume of contestants coming to ‘Round One Live Auditions’, we will not be able to do depth individual sound checks for each contestant, however, small routine checks will be done for each contestant.

15. How many rounds will there be?
Two Rounds: Video Audition Round, and Grande Finale.

16. What is the entry fee per contestant?
Round One Contestant Entry fee is €10 – this is the only fee contestants pay for the competition.

17. What is the entry fee per supporter for Round One And Two?
€10 per supporter for Round One. €20 per support for the final. – There are no supporter points for the final

18. When will contestants get a time for ‘Round One’?
Successful contestants will be given time slot options via email one week before the competition.

19. When will contestants know if they have got through to ‘Grand Finale’?
Within 2 days of auditioning for ‘Round One’

20. When is ‘Grand Finale’?
9th November

21. Who are the judges?
Celebrity judges will judge for the ‘Finale’. Judges names will be released one week before the competition. Previous judges at the competition have been:

Tommy Egan – Irish dancing world champion
Paul Kelly – the man behind ‘Mattress Mick’
Fintan Cullen – International Talent agent
Maksuda Akhter – Model
Mona SinClair – Model

22. What equipment do we provide?
We provide microphones and a sound desk. All other equipment, instruments, amps, and fixings, needs to be brought by contestants.

23. What is the prize?
€1000 for the overall winners. We also have other prizes, including trophy prizes for runner-ups.

24. Who are the organisers?
Ireland Talent Search is independently run by AC Matilda Enterprise and Dean Media.

25. Who were last years winner?
Marby Arriloa 2018 – Gwenelle Noval 2017 – Dylan Gilligan 2016

26. What date is the final?
9th November at the Glenroyal Hotel, Straffan Rd, Maynooth, Co. Kildare, W23 C2C9

27. What are our terms and conditions?
All contestants will be treated equally. We do not accept appeals, or arguments that go against the decision of our judges.

28. Rules on bullying
No bullying, discrimination, or racism will be accepted. Anything in relation will result in instant disqualification from the competition.

29. Parent Permissions
Contestants under 18 must get a parent to sign our parental permission form before taking part in ‘Round One’.

30. Copyright 
Contestants who send us a video audition automatically consent to us uploading their video to the Ireland Talent Search Facebook page and other social media channels.

Contestants who turn up for ‘Round One’ and all other competition rounds automatically consent to us using video footage of them for Ireland Talent Search promotional purposes.

Contestants who turn up for ‘Round One’ and all other competition rounds automatically agree that we at Ireland Talent Search are not responsible for any accidents or stolen items during the competition.

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